Style & Grace - Strategically Showing Skin

There's a thin line between sexy and skimpy, it only takes one wrong arrangement for it to all go bad. No matter your age, position or environment carrying yourself with style and grace is a must! Here's a few ways how you can be sexy without giving away all of the goods.

Pants vs. Shorts Dilemma

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If you're anything like me, I don't mind showing my legs. When wearing short bottoms balance it out by wearing long sleeves, adding a jacket or blazer or over-sized top. It'll allow you to still feel sexy without feeling overexposed. 
There are several women that are uncomfortable showing their legs or thigh area. A pair of skinny jeans with a cuffed bottom can go a long way. Showing just a little bit of your ankles can change the entire look.
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Not into fitted jeans either, try a pair of destroyed jeans, a rip here and there will reveal just enough skin to keep you covered but still sexy with an edgy twist.
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Here's another trick, add a pair of tights under your shorts. Doing so will smooth out your legs and prevent cellulite from showing.
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Give Curves Only in a Body-Con

Show off your silhouette and keep it simple in a fully covered body-con dress.
Keep your body shape in mind when it comes to this one with body-con dresses shape-wear is a must! With any form fitting attire, I highly suggest shape-wear. Shape-wear will give your body a firm silhouette. If you prefer, add a jacket, cardigan or poncho will disguise your imperfections.
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A good pair of Spanks will usually do the trick for shape-wear, see some suggested shape-wear below for body-con style dresses; items pictured below can be purchased at Macy's.
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Wear Sheer or Lace fabric

Wearing sheer or lace fabric is another perfect way to be fully covered while still showing skin.

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Sheer and lace are also professional friendly fabrics allowing you to add a slight twist to the sometimes boring restrictions in such environments.
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Wear Red

Rather it's an all red dress, dress suit, pumps or just a red lip, red demands sexy.
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